Henri Dulm

As a French artist born in 1956, Henri Dulm has been painting the vertical sky of New York since his very first journey in the United States in 2006. In his paintings in the names of imaginary streets, he has been contrasting the horizontal forces of terrestrial activities with the vertical forces of the celestial aspirations.


Dulm transcribes only the emotions that remain in his mind from the long and immeasurable streets of New York. His inspiration is based on his personal feelings of the atmosphere of the streets of Manhattan, without ever referring to a specific neighborhood or to a recognizable tower. For him, the memory of the urban landscape is more important than the landscape in itself. He rather evokes the presence of the taxis than he describes them. 


The first paintings were realistic and figurative. The recent ones are expressed in a more impressionistic, sometimes semi-abstract or abstract form. Dulm often uses primary colors which he applies in successive layers on the canvas.


Exhibitions since2006: Paris, Saint-Malo, London, New York, Brussels, Antwerpen, Barcelona, Beijing, Lille, Le Touquet, Aix-en-Provence, etc.

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