Françoise Guinot

A sculpture: a life, a history…

Fascinated since childhood by tales and legends, Francoise Guinot starts in 1984 her career as sculptor with masks. Initially in Venice, where she is initiated with some workshop secrets, then during her voyages around the world, she tries out and exploits various techniques and materials, most strange being the fish skin, which she was the only one in France to work with, others were using snake or shark skin. Innovation and imagination are the overarching themes in her work.

From 1996 to 1999, she studies sculpture at the Beaux-arts and upon several voyages in Asia (Nepal, Bali, Thailand, China) she puts her masks aside and begins to sculpt, after her seemingly magical discovery of bronze in 1997. After having innovated with fish skin, she does not hesitate to employ such materials as concrete (with some little secrets of patinas she kept to herself) to carry out her busts which translate with power and elegance an upsetting humanity of pride and hope – a homage to her encounters and exchanges in Asia. Birth of her son (muse and model!) marked the arrival of her child-imps, straight out of the collective memory. These small pieces of childhood, immortalized in bronze bring back to us our own history and that universal to all mankind… Tenderness, spontaneity and drollery mixed with her little “balls of life,” always moving.

Francoise Guinot received several prizes for her sculpture and exhibited in numerous galleries (Paris, London, Annecy, Nice, Gordes, Touquet-Paris Beach, Collioure, Perpignan and Uzès), guest of honor at the Town Hall of Caen (2002) and her works are present in many private collections around the world.

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