Katerina Nevolina

Katerina Nevolina, born in Moscow in 1978.


My first acquaintance with the art - illustrated books - collections of painting of major museums worldwide…

Through the glance of pages the antic gold of curly hair of medieval madonnas were blooming, the light of Impressionists was spreading by the striking reflections, bright palette of Georgian masters metamorphosed to a melody, unknown-forgotten.

Then, in youth, the rotation of bewitching potter's wheel, the beat of alive clay in the hands, the warmth and depth of burned glazes in the potter's workshop of knowledge.

The desire to express by means of a line, a color, what was seen, heard, read ... The illustrations of beloved poems, prose.

After completing the formation in the State University of applied and industrial arts in Moscow, Stroganov - research as part of the doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne. Museums in Paris and London, the originals of Masters, discovering new colors and palettes, living beats in pencil lines. It was there, in Paris, that the most beautiful meeting took place ...

I am sincerely grateful to Mme. Paul Luciani, my gallerist, who believed in me and for many years exhibits my painting and fights for me and my work. To his son, Cyril Bataille-Luciani, gallerist.

To my family, my friends and above all to collectors who respect and love my paintings....



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