Cyril Maccioni

From the beauty island: Cyril Maccioni Design


Cyril Maccioni is a designer, sculptor and visual artist based in Corsica.

Corsica is his homeland and main source of inspiration. He started his brand in 2010 with the idea of designing and creating unique pieces of furniture and lightings using materials that had always fascinated him: wood, concrete, steel and composites. Cyril tries to source the required materials locally, even if it sometimes proves difficult. He even started to collect materials on the island as he strives to be an eco-citizen. His creations are unique and are conceived, designed and crafted solely by him.


Cyril Maccioni Design recently started a rather personal exposition in which endangered animal are presented. Seven sculptures were created representing a wolf, a grey back gorilla, a grizzly bear, a horse, a black panther, a white shark and a lion.


Each animal sculpture starts from a bloc of polystyrene that is formed into shape. Subsequently the shape is covered with layers of glass fiber, carbon fiber and resin for added resistance and stiffness. After sanding, the final element in the process is the paint. An automotive grade black paint gives the sculpture a smooth and glossy finish that allows Cyril to play with lighting and angles when the sculpture is on display.


The black color exposes the reliefs, creases and lines of dark matter which plays with the light. In fact, the black color mainly serves to intensify what is the center of his work: lighting and reflections.

The artist chose not to give these animals eyes. It's his way of showing that those species have sacrificed a part of themselves in a desperate action to force us to react to their condition.


This year, the artist is launching a new series, in very limited editions, of smaller sized animal sculptures to enable art lovers to have a piece from this exceptional artist based on this beautiful island named Corsica.


Since May 2018, Cyril Maccioni's artworks are exposed in Paris, at Galerie du Marais, in the historical Place des Vosges. His art is also exposed in Saint Malo, at Galerie du Marais II.

                                                                                                                                            High Rise the 1st of August 2018

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