Amandine Mangenot

Amandine MANGENOT – Visual artist and materialist The common thread of my works is to sublimate the effects of materials and lights. My creations play with compositions from materials such as aluminum with balances and patterns. Conversely, they express the fragility often represented by imperfect contours and hues that approach the idea of decomposition. They represent strength and fragility, the sustainable and the ephemeral. It is also the imprint of an artistic approach inspired by the metallurgical past of my region. Aluminum I paint and engrave it to have a differentiated light rendering. I attack it with acids to bring a grain and depth to the raw material. I play with this light from all angles, by glazing techniques that overlap and clash and by the use of natural pigments that give the opaque support of the metal, this impression of transparency. My work is not only to intervene on the material but it is also a work of reflection on the forms, the rendering of light, natural or by the lighting.

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My inspiration emanates just as much from the forms of nature of his borrowings, which I use in the volume on my supports. Mother Nature creates, I appropriate her creations and pays tribute to them in my works. My intention is to bring several visions of a work, based on light, angle of view. Having this impression that the work lives, is not fixed. Let your gaze get lost, appreciate different shades, volume, light. The look, knowing how to look, listening, having feelings, letting your unconscious understand them.