Françoise Guinot

Born in 1963, Françoise Guinot lives in Drôme provençale.

Françoise Guinot began her artistic activity in 1986 with the creation of masks. They quickly attracted attention thanks to the unusual materials used, such as fish skin (a technique discovered in Canada and adapted to masks). A few years later, she turned to sculpture in the round and bronze became her favorite material.

Travel is at the heart of her inspiration.

There are those she made during more than 17 years to meet other cultures with her passion for sculpture and tales: a fusional sharing with the Indians of North America (Hopi, Zuni, Navajo, Apache, Huron, Iroquois, Kwakiutl, Haida and Tlingit) and several stays in Asia (China, India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand) have profoundly marked her work.

There was England, a year devoted to a thesis on the fantastic legends of Devon and Cornwall where she lived, “a magical land where the legends are almost real!

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And then there are the other journeys: those that go back to childhood, those that were drawn in the wonderful stories of her mother, Andersen, Saint-Exupéry and his Little Prince; the door has never closed on this imagination. “Humor, poetry, dreams, for some it’s useless; for me, it’s Vital!” she says. “I need to see the marvelous in our world; it is there, around us in the small simple things of life. I try in my own way, thanks to the magic of bronze, to give substance to these small pleasures that do us so much good.

For 20 years, between reality and imagination, Françoise Guinot has been leading us into a world that speaks to each of us, to that part of childhood, tenderness and innocence that unites us.
Each sculpture offers us a bit of humanity to share, a little happiness, a bit of humor and poetry.

Among the rewards that Françoise Guinot obtained, we will quote:

  • Prize for the Best Young Sculptor in Paris in 1997.
  • Gold Medal of the International Academy of Lutetia in 1997.
  • Grand Prix of the Fine Arts Committee in 1996.

For three years, she was a student of Carmelo Zagari at the sculpture workshop of the regional school of Fine Arts of Valence.

Her works are permanently exhibited at the Galerie du Marais Paule France Luciani in Paris and in Saint-Malo.
Her first exhibition took place at the Akhenaton Gallery in Troyes in 1990.
She has also exhibited in many galleries: Galerie Kallisté 21 in Paris, London, Uzès, Caen – Galerie Fardel in Annecy, Le Touquet – Galerie Privilège in Biarritz – Galerie du Palais des Papes in Avignon – Original Gallery in Nice.
His works are present in private collections: USA, Japan, Europe, China, India, etc