Jean Soyer

Lines of force and energy centers,
flamboyant colors that seem to
move on different levels:
the light and its dramatic contrasts
give to the works of Jean Soyer
a presence of a very strong intensity.

This French painter born in 1937, invites us to visualize an inner world of great expressive richness.

The gesture is vital, the paste unctuous; the lively color is opposed to the black: the yellow, the red, the white, the blue, the mauve open the space, born as by magic of the pictorial act itself.

Here is a painting that breathes freedom, an art that masterfully translates the meeting of volumes and the momentum of movement. One thinks of action painting when looking at a black movement that develops on a red background, an impetuous whirlwind accentuated by a white trace.

But Jean Soyer’s signature also guarantees a balanced and imposing composition; his sense of volume probably makes him closer to Franz Kline than to Willem de Kooning.

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The paint applied with a knife, the brush stroke or spatula is bold and sure, the movement that becomes color appears conquering or appeased: we are struck by a vital marriage of radiant oppositions, the light gives life to a geometry of origins. Abstraction is dynamic. The inner vision is translated into voluble gestures, the paste is spread without heaviness. We also like these light reflections like subtle echoes which come to touch the black.

A very present black that makes the other colors vibrate, the blue, the mauve or the sensual ochre.

The strength of the impulse can be crossed by scratched lines full of finesse. Shadows and lights give birth to different planes, traces of red illuminate the white, black and gray of a volume that rises like a sign.

Nothing is ever compact, black has its shades of shadow, slight irregularities give a natural life to the paintings.

The colors are charged with a vibrant emotion, we linger in front of a dazzling blue, we notice superimpositions of red, transparent, as if reality was composed of leaves that could be turned one by one.

For Jean Soyer, art is a search for harmony, a quest for the energy contained in the secret of things. He seeks to translate the authentic feeling drawn from the experience of life.

In his paintings everything is ardor and recollection, strength and softness, shadow and light: it is a painting passion to be savored ….. Without restraint.

Hilda Van Heel (Luxemburger Wort)

Exhibitions and fairs :

CHINA: National Museum of Tianjin: “Current Art China – France – Japan

JAPAN : Spiral Garden – Aoyama, Tokyo and Matsumoto Museum : ” L’Art Actuel France – Japon ” -Yokohama Osanbashi Hall : ” Festival d’Arts Franco -Japonais

PARIS : Salon des Artistes Français – Salon d’Automne – Salon Violet –

SNBA (Soc. Nationale des Beaux Arts). Large Signatures – Small formats – International Salon of Paris ( France – Japan ).Salon of Contemporary Art 2000 – MAC 2000 – Nîmes, Grenoble : Salon ARTENIM …..

BELGIUM: Liège 30 European artists – SWITZERLAND: Art Forum Montreux……