Born in Moscow, Nevolina first studied at the State University of Applied Decorative Arts, the prestigious «Stroganovka» in Moscow, which gave her the opportunity to teach painting and design from 2001 at her original university.

She then decided to come to Paris and to the Sorbonne in 2004 she obtained a doctorate in art history.

But she does not forget painting, which is her true passion.

With her knives, Katerina Nevolina sculpts the colors and the light to make spring from her works all her universe.

A multifaceted painter, she strives with talent to reinvent landscapes and everything around us with an unusual strength and above all a poetic approach that immediately seduces.

For her, painting is above all a privileged way to transmit her very personal universe, where the shades of colors with sparkling vibrations triumph.

We will find Nevolina for the greatest pleasure of collectors and art lovers.