Margot Maïnetti

Margot paints life after having played it

It may have started one day at the Musée des Tapisseries… Margareth Maïnetti is not yet Margot. She is 14 years old and experiences her first thrill.
Someone perceived, knew how to say in his way with lines and volumes and she felt.

It burns, it caresses, it makes you want to laugh, to think, to cry. The principle of the exchange is established.
The way is traced… But Margot does not rush to a paintbrush dealer. To convey her emotions as a woman, her first impulse was to act them out.
This was followed by drama classes and roles in Aix, Nice and Paris at the “Josephine B” school.
She played the women of the repertoire, such as Camille de Musset.

Born to painting via a revolt

One day she revolted: “I was in front of the abstract paintings of an artist whose name I will not mention.
Superb compositions of colors which did not express any emotion”. It is too much for the one who conceives her and “the” femininity only by the gift.
The time has come for Margot to transmit her emotions through painting.

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Margot begins to share the beyond of what she sees:

Love always, joy, suffering, flesh of those dear to her, political commitment, enthusiasm as doubt.

Margot has always been fascinated by what Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud or Frida Khalo manage to express about the human being. “But I only know how to paint in my own way with what I am…and that’s already enough.

Extract from an interview with Manu Gros of the newspaper La Provence