Nella Buscot

Nella Buscot was born in Montpellier to a father who was a professor of Physics and Chemistry and a mother who was a violinist in the Montpellier orchestra. She spent her childhood in Béziers and completed her university studies in Montpellier. She successively obtained the State Diploma of Pharmacist, a State Diploma of Audioprosthesis and a University Doctorate in Pharmacy. She then became an editor for the magazine “Les Actualités Pharmaceutiques”.

After the birth of her son, Nella started to paint with oils, then with pastels. Discovering by chance a piece of clay at a potter’s, she started to model small busts. Sculpture was a real revelation for her. Perfectly self-taught, she gradually abandoned painting, then pharmacy, to devote herself exclusively to this art that had become a passion.

1997 : exhibition in Germany on the occasion of the ” Printemps Français de Munich “.
1998 : personal exhibition at the Hôtel de Région in Montpellier
2004 : personal exhibition in Vendargues and Castelnau-le-Lez (Hérault)
2006 : solo exhibition at the Hôtel de la Communauté d’Agglomération de Montpellier
2008 : solo exhibition in Castelnau-le-Lez (Hérault), permanent exhibition at the Galerie Regards in Saint-Paul de Vence (Alpes maritimes)
2010: solo exhibition in Grabels (Hérault), exhibition as a guest at the 20th Festival of Sculpture “Camille Claudel” in La Bresse (Vosges).
2013-2014: permanent exhibition at the HB Gallery, 22 Rue du Port, 29930 Pont-Aven
2013-2015: permanent exhibition at the Chapart Gallery, 8 Rue Gambetta, 64000 Pau

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To note the realization for public places:

  • a bust of Marianne for Le Crès (Hérault),
  • a group symbolizing the abolition of slavery in 1848, a tribute to Victor Schoelcher for Clapiers (Hérault),
  • a bas-relief of the abbot Oziol for a public monument in Marvejols (Lozère),
  • a bas-relief “Le Père Brocardi”, in Béziers,
  • a monumental sculpture “L’Espoir” of four meters for the city of Palavas-les-Flots
  • a group entitled “Sur le chemin de l’Ecole” for Le Crès (Hérault).

Nella Buscot also gives conferences on the technique of sculpture, “from clay to bronze”, on “Camille Claudel, a woman sculptor”, on “women sculptors of the 19th century”, as well as on the realization of the monumental sculpture of Palavas-les-Flots.