Laszlo Tibay

Laszlo Tibay (born April 1, 1962 in Szombathely, Hungary) is a French artist. He develops a work in which animals occupy a central place. His art, at the crossroads of Pompon and Koons’ Balloon Dog, is inspired by fables, images, books, traditional Hungarian tales, and describes in humorous forms a new universe. His animals are refined. Hippos, bears, ostriches, dogs, elephants, sheep, sharks, bison, bulls, rhinos… Rounded or chiseled shapes, hammered, shiny. Steel, bronze, chrome, wood, resin: Tibay works with various materials, sometimes based on recovery. He declines his animals by creating furniture, paintings, washes, and especially sculptures. From the ultra-profiled shark to the curves of his dog, it is always the same spirit that animates his creations: to reproduce the essence of the animal. He is a permanent artist at the Galerie du Marais, Place des Vosges.

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He is listed internationally and has won numerous awards such as: In France, his works are present in many private and public collections in Paris, Cannes, Marseille, Strasbourg, Biarritz, Toulouse, Barbizon; etc. Internationally, his works travel from Budapest to Moscow, via San Francisco, Miami, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Brussels.