When travel inspires Rannou…

Through her oils, Danielle Rannou transports us to those places that touched her the most, the most inspired. Our mind wanders and is transported in these paradisiacal or emblematic places of this World.

The travels revealed in Rannou’s work tonal fulgurances and a subtle love for color bathed in warm light.

Colourful, luminous, Rannou’s work is an invitation to travel, an ode to beauty»

Cyril de Paucy

Official Painter of the French Army

Trained at the Raincy School of Fine Arts as well as in the private studio of Ludovico Cosma, himself a former student of the painter and famous poster artist Jean Even (1910-1986), Danielle Rannou’s training ties her to the tradition of resolutely figurative painters who, at the turn of two centuries, wanted to appropriate reality in order to better fortify it in a rapidly changing world. Today, Danielle Rannou is an attentive witness of her time, capable of seizing and restoring through a varied work the diversity of the places lived and visited by the man. The contemporaneity is an obviousness more than a postulate and the precision with which the artist develops her chromatic ranges is a summit of the kind.

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We note, moreover, beautiful and dazzling tonal audacities which bathe the whole of his work in a dynamic, an immediacy spontaneously invigorating the imagination of the viewer. The bold colors that make up the base of his palette subtly support his quest for light, the quintessence of his approach to the science of landscape. Traditional in its foundations, it is nonetheless profoundly modern in the way it conceives the “vision” inhabiting the canvas. Let’s think about the extent to which the artist manages without any difficulty to sublimate the most emblematic and sometimes overused places of contemporary art, and this only by choosing the exact tonality necessary to render the magnificent uniqueness of each view treated. We have rarely been so caught off guard by the transience of the world around us. Under his

Under his brushes, the apparent eternity of monuments can only bow to the remarkable and fleeting moment of the simplest sunbeam; and the immortality of the artist’s gaze. Among other awards and distinctions, Danielle Rannou has received the 1st prize for painting at the Salon des peintres de l’Armée twice in 2009 and 2011, and was awarded the gold medal of the National Assembly in 2010.

Thibaud Josset

Univers des Arts

“The paintings of Danielle Rannou flood the walls with color and light. With her sensitivity, the trees of D. Rannou go far beyond the seasons… The foliage, the colors, intermingle to give to see only the force of the plant life. All it takes is a little wisp of air coming in through the window to hear the light rustle of Danielle’s tree leaves and see them come alive, driven by our imagination.”

“Diving into a bouquet, dreaming between the leaves, returning to get lost in the petals, Danielle Rannou’s painting is a gift where flowers and plants undulate in the breath of her inspiration.”

Danielle Rannou, Medalist member of the French Artists, of the Violet Salon, has obtained numerous prizes and has been invited several times as a guest of honor in the Parisian and Provincial Salons.

Private collections: France, Germany, Italy, China, Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, United States, Italy, Ireland, …

General Secretary of the Violet Salon in Paris (Prestige of Contemporary Art)

1st Prize in painting at the Salon des Peintres de l’Armée de Terre June 2009 and 2011, medal awarded at the Invalides.

Gold Medal of the National Assembly in 2010

Medalist member of the French Artists in 1993

Medalist member of the Salon VIOLET

Silver Medal of the ART-SCIENCES-LETTRES

Prize of the General Council of Seine Saint Denis

Medal of Vermeil at the ART-INTER of LYON in February 2008

Prize of the General Council of Essonne in Saint Germain les Corbeil in 2009

Jury Prize in Saint Germain Les Corbeil in 2011 and guest of honor in 2012

Prize of the Municipality in Annet-sur-Marne in 2011 and guest of honor in 2013

Guest of honor :

Guest of honor at Courtry (Seine et Marne) in 2013

Guest of honor at the Prestigious Salon of Annet sur Marne

Guest of honor at the Salon de Chelles, Montfermeil, Pavillons sous bois, Clichy sous bois, Coubron, Petit Louvre in Roanne, Saint Germain les Corbeil, Annet-sur-Marne, Courtry.

Exhibitions abroad :

Berlin in 2005

Clusone in Italy – in 2005

Exhibition of ART ACTUEL France-Chine-Japan at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tianjin in China (near Beijing) in 2006

Franco-Japanese exhibition in Tokyo in 2006

Invited to the Watercolorist Exhibition of Korea, Seoul in 2007

Franco-Japanese Exhibition Paris/Tokyo (Rotating exhibition for one year in Japan) in 2010-2011-2012