is a French artist born in 1977.

In 2000, she graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de la ville de Rennes with honors.

Her first works made with paint on canvas focus on the research of the mask and the face, expressing herself with dripping techniques dear to Pollock, using oils and pigments to show us these androgynous and mixed-race faces, but also photographic research on the “non-mask” showing then the uncontrollable expressions of bungee jumpers that she seizes on the fly and then insole on canvas in the darkroom.

Subsequently, she enriches her artistic production by using a new material, in 2015 she trained in the technique of European lacquer with the master of art Isabelle Emmerique in Paris. A 300 year old French tradition, whose gestures draw from Chinese and Japanese techniques, European lacquer has since become part of the Western decorative register.

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The lacquer

is precise, demanding and terribly passionate … A creation that is enriched over the lacquers that follow and feed one after the other, constantly opening new doors.

Its implementation is accompanied by a rigorous and quality work, the colors are made from varnish added turpentine loaded with powdered pigments, they can then be used for the background of colors, reliefs or inlay of colors.

The decorations (gold leaf, copper leaf, bronze powder, eggshell inlays…) are placed on the color base. Two to three months are necessary for the implementation, which remains manual until the finishing touches.

The human being is always at the heart of the action.

The human being, but above all his deepest self, the one that in turn characterizes him or evokes his states of mind.

The face as a vector towards the interiority.

It approaches by its headdress and what occurs in or on its head, of new imaginary pictorial landscapes.

A purely graphic language creating semi-abstract and figurative works, richly decorated. Timeless, but resolutely contemporary.