Jimmy Pelage

Jimmy PELAGE was born in 1976 in Guadeloupe.

A self-taught French visual artist, he specializes in silver spray painting and has become a key figure in the French art world.

After a first experience in aeronautical decoration (Airbus, Falcon, private Jets) and Prestige Cars, he specializes particularly in high-end painting and silver spraying.
He develops techniques, invents effects and colors. He works for the decoration of luxury windows.
He collaborates with internationally renowned artists, bringing them his vision, his “Touche”.

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He likes to innovate, to be ahead of the times, the trend, to invent new colors, new shades, to create material effects, superimpositions.
Because Jimmy PELAGE is above all a creator of colors, his “EYE”, his taste for work well done make him a Visionary.
From wood, to resin, through metals, he works and transforms any material to sublimate it.
He expresses himself on any support, any relief, the matter takes life, explodes, vibrates.
He created his first work a few years ago, the Skull Resilience, a skull of 25 cm in gold chrome, split and opening on a solid copper coral.
The year 2020 is for him a new source of inspiration, time is like suspended, the world is suffering, Jimmy is inspired to create works bright, comforting, innocent.
His creations are an invitation to share and sweetness in this world upset.
An ode to love, to joy, to pleasure, an awakening of the senses.
These works are unique, pure, graphic and poetic at the same time.
He thinks and conceives his realizations by taking a particular care to obtain new colors and subtle matters which make travel the glance.
A demanding artist with a sharpened sensitivity, his favorite theme remains the Human being, feelings, flight, rage, love, joy, reconstruction, greed, lightness of being.
Committed artist, he also creates sculptures in homage to Women, he sublimates them with his voluptuous, delicate works, as precise as precious.