Guy Fontdeville

Born on April 2, 1947 in Toulouse.
Graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse in 1967.

Salons :
1989 to 2011 : Salon des Artistes Méridionaux -Toulouse
1992 : Autumn Salon – Paris
1994 : European International Exhibition – Montreux (Switzerland)

Creation of posters :
1991 : Poster for the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Tourism Committee
1995 : Poster Fight against cancer, Claudius Régaud Center – Toulouse
1996 : Poster Olympic Games Atlanta (USA)

Bibliography :
Painters and sculptors of the great South-West – Edition of art “Regards
Art in all its forms: Painters and sculptors of Midi-Pyrénées – Edition “Fusart
Masters in Provence – Editor : Monique Dijaux-Emieux

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Fontdeville’s work is for the discerning art lover… His technique is based on essential criteria: the mastery of the gesture, the invisible drawing at first sight is nevertheless there, an essential base which will disappear under the spatula, coated, mixed with work and paint.
As in literature, finding the right words to say the essential, it is the same in Fontdeville’s painting, the ease of “writing” by eliminating unnecessary details … great art, go spontaneously to the desired goal, in a flight of notes, judicious flat areas treated with flexibility.
Monique Dijaux-Emieux (Director of Le Chevalet d’Eon Gallery)

Fontdeville dares colors! All the colors, without limit. He brings them to life so that they speak to each other and to us. From unfathomable blues to the most ardent oranges, Fontdeville works in the paste and the freshness, generously, in large flat areas in the momentum, the dynamics of the gesture and the knife. Attentive to the purity of the line, he reaches the most subtle confines of balance.

Jean -Louis Avril (Univers des Arts)