Philippe Riffet

I was born in 1964, on July 13 (Cancer, ascendant Cancer!), that is to say the hundreds of hours spent, in my shell, copying at the very beginning of the “small Mickey”, then to free myself by creating very personal works, initially with Indian ink (fear of the color!), then to approach timidly this one, to finally return towards the monochrome with the creation of low-reliefs playing with the light!

Then, after having exhibited in La Reunion, Paris and Antwerp, I turned to the realization of trompe-l’oeil, inspired by Gaudi, Guimard and Tiffany.

My latest idea, which the Galerie du Marais is honored to present to you, certainly came to me when I saw Vasarely’s homage to Georges Pompidou at the Beaubourg center, whose technique reminded me of a similar exercise in face creation that I had done in high school (portrait of Beethoven).

In short, I saw it as an opportunity to exercise my qualities of precision (surgical) and patience (infinite)!

Singular concept, incongruous idea !!!

To dig the dark lines, which would perhaps be filled with the shadows of the lines in relief, in order to reveal something!

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One could classify my portraits in the register of the kinetic art, because there is like an effect of movement which animates them, in spite of the works in themselves are frozen!

The creator of this animation is the spectator, who by moving in front of the image, makes it live, makes it change state: appearance – disappearance, decomposition – recomposition!

Going from the figurative to the abstract and vice versa makes it a resolutely contemporary optical work!