We are proud to defend the work of Jean-Marie ZACCHI, great name of painting in France and abroad.

ZACCHI paints with passion and exigency his emotions, his sensations in the hope of letting emerge the light, the dream the joy.

Each opening is a surprise and a celebration for collectors when they discover the new paintings and the harmony they create.


Galerie du Marais – Paris & Saint-Malo

Jean-Marie Zacchi

In search of Beauty

We are going to find Jean-Marie Zacchi at the Galerie du Marais, place des Vosges, with new large format canvases, full of poetry and animated with bright colors illustrating the main inspirations of the artist. Thus Zacchi will propose us works on the sea, – Painter of the Navy obliges! -, on Corsica, on Japan, on other visited countries and also still lifes often representing Japanese bouquets with a communicative serenity.

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Zacchi is one of those artists for whom painting is above all an almost sacred act:

“In my studio, I feel like I’m in another world where time doesn’t matter, where the only important thing is to get to the point of materializing what you want to say. I don’t think I have a “message” to transmit, but simply the beauty of life, of nature in a way that I would like to be timeless. What is certain, it is that the function of painter, always solitary in his workshop, makes him a kind of pilgrim traversing a way where the matter and the spirit are connected “.

Ce qui est certain c’est que Zacchi n’attend pas que l’inspiration arrive comme par enchantement ! Bien au contraire, il travaille assidument, et c’est de ce travail incessant que naissent l’inspiration et les tableaux qui en résultent. À chaque exposition Zacchi nous surprend, nous attire dans un univers qui ne peut pas nous laisser indifférent. Au fil du temps il se renouvelle, se réinvente avec authenticité et sensibilité.

Voilà plusieurs années que Zacchi fait partie de l ‘équipe de la Galerie du Marais, à Paris ou à Saint-Malo, et ses expositions drainent un public de collectionneurs et d’amateurs d’art qui le suivent avec passion. Paule Luciani et Cyril Bataille ne se sont pas trompés en  »adoptant » Jean-Marie Zacchi.

Patrice de la Perrière

Univers des Arts