Annette Jalilova

In practice, she has made her own
the famous formula of Rodin :

“An Art which has life
does not reproduce the past, it continues it “.

(Bertrand Duplessis)

Annette Jalilova has chosen to transmit movements of the soul, lived emotions, pure sensations that are not intellectualized but lived through the harmony of volumes in space.

Sculpture is his only vocabulary, it is his means to express what every human being has in him of deep and sacred.

One of her sources of inspiration remains the human figure because it allows an infinite freedom of forms and it arouses our emotions through our senses.

The artist gives to the female body a dynamic and a curve of an astonishing perfection. Her sculptures arouse a secret emotion that gives you the irresistible desire to caress these bodies.

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Annette Jalilova sees herself as a link in a long chain of artists, heirs of a know-how among which her Masters: Arp, Archipenko, Lobo, Brancusi and obviously Henry Moore.

She launches herself, with all her body, following her impulses, then elaborating, by dint of work, her concept, with the material she has chosen, the clay that she models, precise, before sanding it for hours and applying her personal patinas, all by hand.

…..Annette Jalilova knows the fragility of the thread that allows a work of art to be true, so close that it possesses the viewer, the caress: it is really difficult to move forward without breaking the emotion…..

(Molly Mine – Paris Capital)