Katerina Nevolina

Colors and vibrations

Born in Moscow in 1978, Nevolina first studied at the State University of Applied Decorative Arts, the prestigious “Stroganovka” in Moscow, which gave her the opportunity to teach painting and design in 2001 at her home university. She then decided to come to Paris and at the Sorbonne in 2004 she obtained a doctorate in art history. But she does not forget painting which is her true passion. We are going to meet Nevolina for the greatest pleasure of collectors and art lovers. A Russian painter with multiple facets, Nevolina works with talent to reinvent landscapes and everything that surrounds us with an uncommon strength and especially a poetic approach that immediately seduces. For her, painting is above all a privileged means of transmitting her very personal universe, where shades of colors with sparkling vibrations triumph.

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This is not the first time we have seen an exhibition of Nevolina’s work at the Galerie du Marais, Place des Vosges, a historical place dedicated to art, but what is certain is that the works presented here have acquired an even greater maturity, whether in terms of composition, both rigorous and free, or in terms of the colors that the artist knows how to choose with care and subtlety in order to create a perfect dynamism. Indeed, in Nevolina’s paintings everything is in motion and her very well mastered technique allows her, starting from a particular motif, often an urban landscape, to sublimate it into a very elaborate architecture. Some of her works remind me of theatrical sets in which we only have to create sensitive stories to make them come alive even more thanks to our imagination. And this is all the more easy as a true emotion inhabits her paintings and she has known how to move the space in the making that constitutes the white canvas. It must be said that Nevolina discovered painting in her youth by looking at art books illustrating the great Italian painters, the Impressionists, then later, by visiting museums in Paris or London. This is how she became aware of the importance of the choice of colors to be placed on a palette and also of the line which is the framework of a work of art. By measuring herself against the “Ancients”, she will work with determination in order to be part of a traditional approach, without being backward-looking, while working with modernity. One of the many qualities of this artist is the volume of her subjects transcribed on canvas. It is important to know that Nevolina, in her youth, practiced pottery by working the earth on a wheel and being subjugated by this manual work to elaborate forms, to cook them and thus to obtain effects of colors and patinas. This is how she understood the importance of volumes and also that of color: her palette contains warm colors of a beautiful intensity, with radiant effects, allowing her to work the material and give thickness to the whole. Many of the proposed themes come from readings of poems or texts that she loves from the heart, from sensations and emotions felt in everyday life. Music must also be important to her, as some of the paintings reflect musical resonances punctuated by evolving compositions. We must salute the delicacy with which she installs the light seeming to come out of the painting and bringing an almost symphonic dimension to the work. By meeting the Galerie du Marais in Paris, Paule Luciani and her son Cyril Bataille-Luciani, Nevolina has found a real home base where she can express herself and blossom in complete freedom. This new exhibition will take the viewer to dimensions inhabited by the spirit, to horizons where truth and authenticity are hidden. A beautiful work that we cannot forget! Patrice de la Perrière

Univers des Arts – October 2018



Naissance à Moscou.

Sept. 95 – Juin 01

Université des Arts Décoratifs et Appliqués de Moscou, Stroganov.

Sept. 01 – Juin 04

Troisième cycle en histoire d’arts, université Stroganov.

Mai 03 – Nov. 03

Boursière du Gouvernement Français. Etudes à la faculté d’Histoire des Arts et d’Archéologie, La Sorbonne, avec le Pr. Prigent.

Déc. 04

Soutenance de thèse, université des Arts Décoratifs et Appliqués de Moscou, Stroganov. Sujet : La sculpture Gothique dans les cathédrales en France.

Depuis Sept. 01

Professeur de design et de peinture – université des Arts Décoratifs et Appliqués de Moscou, Stroganov. Chaire d’art design en métal et matériaux divers.


1995 – 2001

Moscow University of Decorative and Applied Arts, Stroganov.


 Exhibition hall “KrimskiiVal”, Moscow.

2000 – 2003

 Lubyanka Gallery, Moscow

2001 – 2003

Union of Artists of Moscow (collective exhibition of young painters).


Gallery House of Art, Prague.


Ministry of Education of Russia, Moscow.


Gallery of the Shalyapin Museum, Moscow.

2003 – 2004

Galerie Na Kashirke, Moscou.


Tushino Exhibition Hall, Moscow.


Contours Gallery, Delhi.


Rostokino Gallery, Moscow.

Mars 2005

Gallery Saint Roch Temporary exhibition

Avril 2005 à 2008

Galerie Kallisté 21, Paris.

2009 à 2015

Gallery of the Marais ” Night of the galleries ” Saint Malo

Juin 2010 & Septembre 2010

Salon Grandes Signatures Petits Formats Culture croisée Year of Russia in France

2011 – 2012

International exhibition in Paris, France Japan – exhibition at the new Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo

Since 2009 Katerina Nevolina exhibits her works permanently and exclusively in Europe at the Galerie du Marais in Paris and Saint-Malo



Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Painting section).


Member of the International Federation of Artists.


Patent in Industrial Design (lighting fixtures).


Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Design section).


Winner of the annual independent competition of Illustrations for the collection of Modern Russian Poetry

State Collection: Bryansk Regional Art Museum (permanent since 1999). Private Collections: USA, Russia, France, Switzerland, Europe, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China,…